Rice-a-Roni Surprise Twist Turkey Veggie Dumpling Soup

Experience comfort in every spoonful with this delightful twist on classic turkey soup. Begin by sautéing vermicelli rice in butter until golden, infusing the soup with rich flavor. Then, add a hearty mix of leftover turkey, vibrant mixed veggies, and fragrant dill to the pot, along with savory chicken broth. But here's the surprise: refrigerated biscuits, cut into quarters, transform into fluffy dumplings when added to the boiling soup. As they cook, they soak up the savory broth, creating a cozy and satisfying meal. Perfect for using up holiday leftovers or a comforting weeknight dinner, this Surprise Twist Turkey Veggie Dumpling Soup is sure to warm both hearts and bellies. #UnpackRecipeInspiration